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Custom Training at your pace, on your schedule

Our approach to training is completely different from traditional Revit training. The biggest difference is that our training is entirely web-based, meaning your staff never even have to leave the office; in fact, students can attend the training from their own desks. Read on below to learn about how our methods are changing the way our clients think about Revit training.

web-based training via go-to meeting

Go-To-Meeting is a great platform that has allowed us to meet with teams spread across the nation or even the world. By leveraging this meeting platform, students can attend training from their desks, or they can gather in the conference room to further foster collaboration. With Go-To-Meeting as the backdrop, we record all your training sessions, meaning we capture all the demonstrations, the lecture audio and even questions from students. The recordings become an asset that that can leveraged forever. Students can watch the training again to refresh themselves or the recordings can be used to train new employees.

fully custom curriculum

Our first step in planning our training is listening. We meet with you and your team to learn how to best craft the training to meet your specific needs. We use a book with a healthy balance between lecture and hands on exercise as the backdrop to our training. We sift through the material ahead of time, cutting out what you do not need and expanding on the content where it is lacking.​ We also take our students through some of those advanced subjects that are often left out such as worksets, BIM 360, leveraging filters, and developing custom MEP systems.

unparalleled flexibility

With traditional Revit training, you are essentially buying a course outline, well what if you have a need for training on a concept that is not covered in that rigid structure. We provide the flexibility of small vignettes or full-blown courses, whatever works best for you. All our training is provided through a low-cost hourly rate, and there are no minimums. If you need an hour session to help you through setting up view templates, we have you covered. If you need several hour-long sessions a week, early in the morning before the chaos of the day begins, we can help you out there too.

technical support

There are going to be times when training is simply not enough. It is impossible to cover every Revit pitfall in training. We can teach you what to look out for; but there will come a day when you are in the trenches, trying to push a project out the door and you are going to get stuck. The value in knowing you have somewhere you can go for help should not be underestimated. We provide affordable technical support by phone and e-mail, and you can get answers today. Although we respond to most support requests in far less time, we guarantee we will respond in less than two hours every time.


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