Buildings these days seem to be increasingly complex and construction schedules are constantly accelerating. A successful construction project hinges on a well-coordinated design. More and more often, the burden of coordination is falling squarely on the shoulders of contractors. The majority of HVAC and Plumbing contractors do not have BIM capable professionals on staff. BIM Consulting Services can step in the gap and help you meet your BIM requirements for the project.

BIM Consulting Services has over two decades experience in the architectural, engineering and construction industry. We specialize in Revit based BIM coordination modeling and consistently partner with clients in the Plumbing & HVAC construction trades. We take the engineers construction documents and model the piping and duct systems, arriving at a well-coordinated, constructible design. We then articulate that design through highly detailed layout drawings. Those drawings are an invaluable tool for the contractor, instructing them on how and where to install piping and duct networks. Even when BIM is not a requirement on projects, the precisely dimensioned and annotated layout drawings are indispensable.

BIM Consulting Services has successfully completed numerous coordination projects. Contact us today to learn about how partnering with us can be the key to winning those larger projects where BIM coordination is a requirement. Visit our AEC project portfolio page to view some of our most notable past and present projects.

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