Leveraging Revit in the architectural, engineering and construction industry takes a highly specialized skill set, to be successful you need a partner you can trust. BIM Consulting Services provides Revit based design, drafting, modeling, custom content development, implementation services and web-based training.

Our modeling, drafting, & design services are delivered through Autodesk's BIM 360 Design collaboration platform. This means we can work in concert with your team to help meet your project goals. Contact us today to find out how we can partner with your team.

Plumbing & HVAC

Drafting & Design Services

The economy is booming and the construction industry is busier than ever. Is your engineering team tapped out and you need help getting projects designed? Whether you need plumbing or HVAC drafting services or full blown design assistance, we can help.

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Architectural Modeling & Drafting Services

It happens all the time. You submit proposals on a wide array of projects, never dreaming you would land them all at once.

We have extensive experience modeling and drafting architecture in Revit. We can assist your team in many ways, whether it be picking up redlines, modeling and drafting existing buildings or partnering with you to model new building designs. Contact us to find out how our team can help you meet your goals. 

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Implementation Services

Your construction documents are the key deliverable your clients hired you to produce, how they look is a integral part of your firms' branding. Whether it be text styles, dimensions or your titleblocks, we will help you make an informed decision on what can or should be changed. We start every Revit implementation the exact same way, by quietly listening to your concerns, then customizing a solution specifically for you.  

Custom Revit Content Development

Custom content, specifically tailored to the way your firms works. Quality Revit content is hard to find, customizing it to your needs is even more difficult. We develop our content to the highest industry standards. Our standard content is fully parametric, include mapped materials, shared parameters for scheduling and appropriate detail levels for optimal model stability and performance. 

Web-Based Training

& Technical Support

You have bought your software, you had your 3 day Revit crash course, now what? Spending a few days stepping through some canned exercises to teach you the interface is one thing, translating that into production on a project is entirely different. We develop a custom training plan tailored specifically to your needs, whether you need to know how to model complex roof systems or just need help with annotations, we can show you how.  When you get stuck, no matter how simple the problem may seem, we can help you work through it.

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