BIM Consulting Services specializes in Revit modeling and drafting services specifically tailored to our unique industry. We can work with your team in many ways.  Perhaps the Revit project has been started but you do not have time to finish it. Let our team take over the project. We will meet with your design team, craft a strategy and get you moving towards your goal today.

Maybe you don't need us to take over the project, you just need help getting over the hump. One of the ways we can partner with clients is through cloud based collaboration. Autodesk's® BIM 360 Design cloud service empowers us to  partner with your design team without the burden of geographic location or needing to log on to your severs. If you are curious how this works and how we can help your team remotely, give us a call and we can schedule a presentation for your team.

Perhaps you are concerned about our drawings looking like yours. Your drawing presentation is part of your brand; it is what sets your firm apart from the herd. If we are modeling your project from scratch, we can take your Revit template & build the project. You simply transmit the project template, we will take it from there.

Maybe your team is still getting up to speed with Revit. Your proposal for the project included a BIM deliverable and your team does not have time to learn Revit. We all have been there, and we understand. Since a project template is not available, we can take your AutoCAD ® files and help you move your Revit implementation forward. Whether it be modeling, drafting or even rendering services; we pride ourselves with being flexible and look forward to working with you and your team.

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