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We live in a fast paced world and often times the building design & construction industry is moving at a blistering speed. Being able to make informed design decisions in a timely manner is critical to avoiding costly change orders.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables architects & engineers to visualize their buildings digitally prior to being built. High quality, dimensionally accurate BIM content is of paramount importance.

BIM Consulting Services specializes in developing Revit content to the most stringent standards in our industry. All our content is natively modeled in Revit leveraging parametric relationships wherever possible; ultimately resulting in stable data rich project models.

Perhaps you're curious about what it would take to provide your customers with high quality Revit content. Maybe your competitors are providing Revit content and you're caught behind the curve, or maybe your customers are asking for Revit content and you need help.

We'd welcome an opportunity to develop a sample for you and demonstrate how partnering with us will position you for the future. How will having BIM content revolutionize your business?


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